What is Auto Recycling?

You probably heard the term, “Auto Recycling” in your day to day life. However, very few people actually know what that means. If you want to know, “What Is Auto Recycling?”, and “How does auto recycling benefit me and the world?”, check out this short 1-minute video for answers. Enjoy!


What is Auto Recycling? Did You Know:

  • Auto Recycling is the purest form of recycling
  • A vehicle can be recycled up to 98%
  • Auto Recycling is a Carbon-Negative Industry
  • Every year over 25-million tons of materials are recycled from vehicles
  • Automobiles are the most recycled consumer product in the world today
  • The US Auto Recycling Industry employees over 100,000 American Workers
  • Quality Used Auto Parts from Auto Recycling Save You 20%-80% than new auto parts
  • Every year over 27,000,000 vehicles are recycled


Hope this short video and summary was not only useful to you, but encourages you to not only recycle your used vehicles, but confidently buy quality used auto parts.

Did you know that quality used OEM auto parts are statistically safer and last longer than non-OEM auto parts? That’s right! Check out this short article to explain how and why. Enjoy!

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