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Many have heard about the defective airbags that are being recalled by Takata Corporation, a Japanese automotive parts company. It has been found that when exposed to high temperatures and moisture combined with the age of the vehicle, these recalled airbags may explode when deployed. Because of the design of the airbags, this explosion can spray metal shards throughout the passenger cabin, causing serious injury and even death.

To combat this, Butler Auto Recycling, a group of professional car recyclers in Pensacola and Milton, Florida, are working with other members of the Auto Recycling Community to remove as many of these defective airbags from circulation as possible. Rebuilders Automotive Supply (RAS) is the primary contractor and buyback partner of Auto Recyclers, committing technology, facilities, tools, and support as resources for the project that allows recyclers to safely remove Takata airbags from inventory. The goal of the project is to recover as many as 1,000,000 dangerous airbags from the market. To date, recyclers from the US and Canada have safely recovered and destroyed 500,000 of these airbags, and this number is expected to largely increase. To help incentivize recyclers to identify and remove Takata airbags, RAS has also implemented a buyback program offering a bounty for deployed airbags. Not all the recalled airbags are eligible for the bounty, but Federal regulations provide major penalties for the selling of recalled parts.

Since 1977, Butler Auto Recycling has served Milton, FL, Pensacola, FL, and the surrounding areas. Their expert team is committed to providing their customers with quality, low-cost auto parts alternatives. As the leader in used car parts in the Pensacola area, the family-owned business has a reputation for excellence among its customers. To learn more about Butler Auto Recycling, or to inquire about the Takata airbag buyback program, give Butler’s a call at 850.478.8500 for more information.

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