Is President’s Day and Washington’s Birthday the same US holiday?

George Washington is the only President in US history to be elected unanimously by all parties. In fact, support for Washington was so strong, that he was actually enticed and asked to become the “King” of the United States. Understanding the dangers of this political structure having just freed America from British control, George Washington in wisdom, humility, and honor turned down the absolute power of being “king”, to create an absolute powerhouse of the Republic of the United States. With so much character and honor in the man, it’s no wonder that America followed his lead, upheld the US Constitution for over 200 years, and became the most wonderful and free country on the planet.  

“I, George Washington, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

With that said, is President’s Day George Washington’s real birthday, in memory of him, or in honor of all US Presidents?

Well, the answer is, “Yes.”  President’s Day is in honor of the George Washington’s actual birthday (even though it was changed by the British). So while the actual date is typically off, we recognize and honor our first President on the third Monday in February. It is also celebrating the memory of the man who had so much character and respect for freedom, that he refused absolute power because he knew it would corrupt the country absolutely. Then, as a testament to other great US Presidents, and a reminder to us of what a US President should be, we also honor George Washington’s birthday as “Presidents Day” to set the standard high publically of what a great leader is, and should be as the Commander and Chief of the United States. 

So if you were wondering if President’s Day and Washington’s Birthday are the same US holiday, then now you know. Yes, they are, but they have two distinctive meanings behind them, One is for honoring a great past leader. One is for a standard to uphold of future ones. 


What does this have to do with used auto parts? 

Nothing and everything, Nothing in the sense that there is no direct correlation between Butler Auto Recycling quality used auto parts and George Washington. Everything in regards to if there wasn’t great Patriots like George Washington being honored, we wouldn’t have a free country to serve you in. So with that said, we are honored to not only serve our fellow Americans in Pensacola FL and Milton FL, but throughout the USA with our inexpensive nationwide shipping available. Plus, on presidents day, we offer the same great rates and discounts on quality used auto parts that we do all year so you can keep as many of those hard earned “presidents” in your pocket. 

Happy Presidents Day, and Happy Birthday George!

Sincerely Your Friend & Fellow Auto Enthusiast,
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Jim Butler
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