Electric Vehicles: The New Solutions and New Challenges that come with EV Technology

When fuel was $1.78 per gallon just a couple of years ago, the electric vehicle (EV) market wasn’t a pressing matter. WIth fuel prices skyrocketing though over the last couple of years, there is a clear agenda and push by our government to move people away from fossil fuel powered vehicles (gas and diesel), and towards new electric vehicles (EV Technology) . The question is, are we ready for the change in technology?


Pro’s of EV’s (electric vehicles)

  • Reliability. Did you know that the average vehicle has almost 200 moving parts? Yes, that’s right. There are give-or-take 200 potential points of failure in a traditional vehicle. What about electric vehicles you ask? Less than 20 moving parts with EV technology. And with fewer moving parts, there is of course less opportunity for inconvenient breakdowns, costly repairs, and frustrating hassles while you own an electric vehicle.
  • Refueling. Probably the most popular and known benefit of electric vehicle is the fuel economy. With a common range for an electric vehicle of 300 miles or more per charge, most daily commuters can go to work and back on a single charge.  Making the need to stop for refueling on a “normal” day a thing of the past.
  • Responsibility. While we are in no way saying that fossil fuels are bad, everyone of us needs to be environmentally responsible and create as little negative impact to our world and people as possible. With that said, the near-zero emissions from EV’s are a blessing to humanity.


Con’s of EV’s (electric vehicles)

  • Reality. As discussed above, for the “average” person on the “average” day, electric vehicles make sense. However, the reality we live in is currently very different than the picture being painting by those with an EV agenda. What if people are travelling long distances? What if there is an accident and people are stuck in traffic? What if there is a natural disaster and everyone is trying to leave town at the same time? While our current infrastructure globally has fuel stations positioned strategically every few miles, there are very few charging stations anywhere in the world. The lack of this essential piece of the EV Technology puzzle creates a huge barrier to the mass conversion from fossil fuels to electric vehicles.
  • Roads. Did you know that everytime you fuel up at the pump you’re paying taxes? Yes, that’s right. And fuel taxes vary by city, county, and state. That’s why states with mismanaged and failing governments like California have fuel prices currently over $6.50 per gallon, and well managed states like Florida are about $2 per gallon less. The importance of these taxes is a large chunk of this money goes to maintaining, creating, and updating our roads and infrastructure. If everyone switched to electric vehicle technology today, there would be no money left to maintain our roads and create an even bigger problem for citizens like you and I.
  • Recycling. So what happens to an electric vehicle after an accident or at the end of its useful life? This is not something the average American thinks about, but it really is an important issue. You see, a big part of being environmentally and globally responsible is reducing, recycling, and reusing all of the resources we have. With EV Technology, specifically the batteries, there is a new challenge that we will all be facing. Not only do we need to figure out how to breakdown, reuse, and recycle the parts in an electric vehicle, but we need to know how to deal with the parts we can’t. That’s why Butler Auto Recycling is leading the way in learning to dismantle electric vehicles, and recycling every single piece we can. It’s our part in making the world a better place for us, and for generations of Americans to come. 

Thanks for your time in reading this post. Hope it helped you think about EV Technology in a new and balanced light.


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