No matter where you stand on the electric car debate, the media, government, and American car manufacturers are spending a lot of time and money promoting what they call the future of the auto industry. Take the Super Bowl LVII alone. GM, Netflix, and the US Government spent huge dollars once again promoting electric vehicles (funny Hollywood, GM + Netflix ads on YouTube). And while many of these ads were humorous and entertaining, the real question is are electric cars good for the environment? This article will briefly recap some of the short and long term pros and cons of electric cars.


Pros of electric vehicles:

  • Lower vehicle emissions
  • Reduced weekly “fuel” costs
  • Government tax credits available
  • Audibly quieter operations
  • Less frequent repairs
  • Fun to drive; fast!


Cons of electric vehicles:

  • More emissions created during manufacturing
  • Gross lack of sufficient charging stations nationwide
  • Longer “refueling” times
  • Range of travel limited
  • Higher initial purchase price
  • Repairs far more expensive
  • Less certified mechanics
  • Raw materials to manufacture in high demand already; shortages
  • Battery replacement inevitable; significant cost involved
  • End of life vehicle disposal not addressed; batteries toxic to the environment


These are just some of the pros and cons of electric cars to consider. And while Butler’s is not taking either side in the debate on electric vehicles, we are one of the nation’s leading auto recycling facilities for electric vehicle. We’re not only thinking about the short term impact of electric vehicles on the world today, but the long term effects of electric vehicles for America, and the rest of the world.

With that said, Butler’s is already stocking popular electric vehicle parts, and more importantly, helping to solve to problems of what to do with the batteries and other toxic parts when an electric vehicle meets it’s end of life. For example, have you ever seen a Tesla battery pack? Here’s a picture of one we recycled safely for the environment and ready for resale.



By reselling quality used auto parts and electric vehicle batteries we not only save limited and rare global resources, but keep these toxic items from filling landfills and getting people sick. So if you are thinking about buying an electric vehicle, have an electric vehicle and need quality replacement parts and batteries, or wonder what to do with your electric vehicle when it’s no longer fit for the road, give us a call. Our nationwide customer service phone number is +1 (850) 472-3120 and we are open from 8am to 5pm CST. We’d love to help you, and our world. Call us today!

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